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The Story of Sam and John
Sam and John are sitting in the restaurant, eating tuna wrap. It has mayonnaise, corn and obviously - tuna. This scene takes place in New York ... okey, it's not actually in New York, some facts and names of this story are changed to hide the truth. You'll be hearing only half of what really took place. For say, it was not tuna wrap they were eating, it was something more traditional for the country they were eating it in, so I can't tell you what was it really.

Sam and John don't have any allergies, they could be eating anything. So two poeple sitting somewhere, eating something. That's an exciting take off for the story) It's not even late night with mist and empty streets. There are people walking around - not much picture to draw here.

So John is a guy, who works as a ... and this is the moment where you will find out, what this story is really about. If I say police officer, you'll think "a detective story", if I say "private detective" - something more mistical with lot's of twists and some personal issues. Scientist - probably science fiction. Banker or politician - crime story. If he is a writer or actor - one of those stories about guy trying to find himself. It doesn't matter who John and Sam work as in this story. They both happen to be one of those people who thinks job is just a job, and what they are has nothing to do with what they do for living.

They are secret agents who work on cover up jobs? No, they are not. And Sam is short for Samantha - second person was a chick this whole time, and you probably imagined two guys eating tuna wrap. This is the kind of twist only written book can deliver. There is no way to pull something like this in a film, where you see a picture. Here you go, story just started and there is already a twist. Some stories manage to do well with only one big reveal at the end. And if there will be no more twists in this one, it's kind of twist too: so I already pulled off at very least two twists.

So we should get to events you say. No, let guys finish the tuna, there is no rush. Okay, I lied, Sam is not short for Samantha, the second person is a guy too. There will be a girl, and she will play an important role in John's life. But they will start dating after this story finds it's end. So I don't want to finish this story with great finally and then go like "And in 3 month John and this girl started to date and they will be happy and stuff ..." no, nobody would care about it after the final.

John asked for tea: English Breakfast. This doesn't mean we are in England, English breakfast tea is popular all over the world. Sam asked for mint tea ... but to be honest mint tea is not really a tea. Only that whitch is made from leaves of Camellia sinensis (Tea plant) can be called a tea. Other things called infusion. So ... you now know something new for you, you have invested your time to read this story, and it's paying off right here right now. You learned something new, and no one never can take this away from you. So last minutes of your time goes to category "time spend done well".

So what is exactly about this Sam and John guy to make them special. Should be something ... face it: you would not want to waste time reading, and from my side - writing, about guys who have nothing special about them...

I'm not saying we all should be special, but there is always a message in stories, specially stories written by one guy. Message whitch says "Here is a new THING, here is an alternative to what we used to, this should be cool because in this story this character gets rewarded for doing this THING.". And who doesn't like new ideas?

Okay, sorry, I need to go do some stuff, and when I'm back, I'll continue.
This doesn't happen in a books: you got dragged from the story into personal issues of the author. Well, this story is multidimentional, it has many layers, as you might have noticed by now.

Can this be described as bad story structure? No: many of this mechanics are used in some way in other kinds of literature. What makes this one stand out is an amount and how far we are going with this. But, the only risk I see in this is the chance for the morale of the story to be revealed before story ends. This way there will be no reason for the story. Author is thinking about message he want's to deliver trough out whole writing process. But if we need to spend so much time reading to fictional phrases said by fictional people, to deliver one simple message, maybe there is something wrong with the message. Maybe, just maybe, simple rephrasing would do enough.

Is there morale to this story? Yes. Should I prove my point by putting it out right now? Yes, i should. The story will stay the same, but we will look at it from a different perspective from now on. So, here it goes:

The only thing we can choose in this life is: if we are happy or not.

This sounds opposite to everything you believe in. I know, but it is the truth. People think they need more control to make things as they want to be happy. But the truth is, we don't have control, and it's better to think this way. This is why religion works so well. If we don't have control, we are not responsible for all the bad things. We are not to blame for failures.
And there was a test some years ago: couple of stock market brokers were put in front of three buttons and a graph on the monitor. They were asked to press buttons and figure out what effects they have on the graph. But buttons had no effect on the graph. And the ones, who said they felt control were the ones, who are bringing the least profit to the company.

So thinking you don't have control can be good for you. You think you will never do this or never go there ... but you may, circumstances in your life change. One thing that is up to you to decide is: is this the cards you want to play your life with, or do you want to keep looking.

You can feel it. Next time someone asked you "Are you happy?" think: are you analysing your level of happiness or are you making a decision. Sometimes you are analysing how close you are to your goals. But goals are just old decision to make your happiness dependable upon certain factors. But don't think about it, as you follow the story of Sam and John, you will see the point.

Sam and John are done with the tea and the infusion, and they are ready to pay the bills. The waiter comes to Sam, and John takes a shotgun from his bag and shoots waiter in a face ... is how this story would have gone if it were written by Quentin Tarrantino. But, it's much much better ...
Stories written by several authors are quite enjoying, as they grant more polished feel. But this story is all about events, not authors point of view. It's about two guys and their path. It's about long journey we all take at some point of our lives. It's a journey to defy your limits, it's a journey to take you to a new place, like when you go from home to work, but with more danger and shooting and meeting new memorable characters. This is the kind of a story we are telling here. Point of view is irrelevant.

You are at the starting point of a thrilling ride. Unlike any you've seen before. There is a big reveal when you'll find out who Sam really is. I could tell you right now ... but no ... yes ... no ... shit, no. Forget it, I'll keep it a secret for the end.

Waiter have handed Sam and John the bill. Waiter looked like he has some personal issues, and didn't pay much attention to what's happening around. Suddenly John realises: this bill is missing the soup he ordered as a first meal. Why would waiter not punch first order? How it was prepared and delivered if it wasn't punched into micros and printed in the kitchen?
- "The soup", - John asked.
Waiter took the bill.
- "Right, thanks", - and added the soup with the pen.
Why would there be no soup in the Bill in the first place, you ask. But Jonh didn't, he payed and went home.

Nothing more interesting happened that day. And soup has no connection to events to follow by. But it still was a mystery, and this is what you are here for. It was a taste of a thrilling ride with Sam and John.

It was not the last interesting event in John's life that day. He watched this one film. It's about a smart kid, who was trained with games to be fleet commander to fight an alien race, but nobody was sure if the race was dangerous, so when the time came to fight they ... damn, I don't want to spoil this for you.

Let's go forward. So Sam and John are home now, sleeping. Sam was driving with interesting taxi driver before he got home, but nothing much to tell about. He was interesting, but nothing you haven's seen. Film about kid was more interesting, we can't jump from more interesting to less interesting things. Unless we make it feel like we ended one part, end of the first run and start second. Start low again and build up speed all over again.
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